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The survey is totally anonymous. We can not track and will not know who takes the survey, or how any individual responds to the questions.

Access to this website and the survey is restricted to CEO's of FDIC insured institutions and those individuals within their institution designated to assist in completing the survey. Sharing this page with individuals outside of your institution or others not directly involved in completing your institution's survey is strictly prohibited.

You must first accept the terms of use to reveal the survey link. (For best results, maximize this browser window before you click on the link to the survey.)

Terms of Use: By filling out this survey, I, on behalf of my institution, grant the Coalition the right to use and own the data supplied for Coalition purposes.

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  • None of the questions in the survey request information that would violate your confidentiality agreement; however, there are many opportunities for you to provide open ended responses. In these areas of the survey, it is important that you do not disclose any confidential bank exam information (rating for instance), any information that might be specifically identifiable to your bank, or any specific names of individuals as the laws of slander and libel apply.
  • Use only the "Back" and "Next" buttons provided at the bottom of each page, do not use the buttons on your browser.
  • You may skip any questions you are uncomfortable answering; however the basic demographic questions at the beginning of the survey are mandatory in order to properly track results and eliminate fraud.
  • Once you leave the survey, you will not be able to return. Before you begin, you may want to download a paper copy of the survey off the website so you have all the information needed to complete the survey in one sitting.