Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my participation in this survey violate the confidentiality requirement associated with my exam?

A: We have met with all the bank regulatory agencies and presented this initiative. They have reviewed the questions on the survey, and the issue of confidentiality has never been raised. In fact, they have indicated a strong interest in seeing the aggregated results.

Q: Why can't I access the survey from this website?

A: Because the survey is completely anonymous there are no "login" procedures. Therefore, the only way we can control who can access the survey is by closely guarding who has a link to the survey. In order to get a link, you need to fill out the form on this website. Your contact information will be sent to your participating state bankers association and they will send you an email containing the link to the survey. In most cases you should have already received an email from your state association executive with a link directly to the survey.

Q: How do I get a custom report containing the survey responses from other banks like mine?

A: Custom reports can only be generated by your state bankers association. You can contact them directly or simply fill out the form on this website and we will forward it to your state bankers association.

Q: How do I get back into my survey if I have to leave and come back?

A: Because the survey is completely anonymous, there is no way to leave and come back to your individual survey. In this case you would have to start over. We will delete the incomplete survey. You may want to download a paper copy of the survey before you begin so that you have all the information you need to complete the survey in one sitting.

Q: What does it mean when I see the message that my state bankers association is not participating in this initiative.

A: Most states are participating in this initiative but a few are still evaluating their participation. In these cases, the support of their member banks will be a key factor in their decision, you may want share your thoughts with them.

Q: When should I fill out the survey?

A: You should fill out a survey immediately after the exit review of each Compliance exam/visitation and each Safety and Soundness exam/visitation. Please do not wait until you receive your written report. One of the primary benefits of this initiative is that we can identify problems and inconsistencies in "real time."

Q: There are several areas of concern that were not included in the Survey, can I suggest additional areas or questions?

A: Absolutely! There are several areas in the survey where you can add items and comments. If we see the same issues and comments on multiple surveys we will incorporate them into the official survey.

Q: What if I have technological problems with the survey? Who do I contact?

A: Your state bankers association should be able to answer any questions about the survey.